an immersive digital exhibition

The Forms: Four Worlds, a work in progress, is an orchestrated set of 100 animations that trace universal human images and forms across time and space… from the Lower Paleolithic period through the late Middle Ages, and from Mesoamerica to Europe, the Middle East and Indian Asia.

Viewers explore iconographic subjects that have been portrayed by artists since humans first created images on bone, stone and the walls of caves – representations of our bodies, of the visible world around us and of the invisible worlds of belief and cosmology.

The exhibition will include over 5 hours of animations on displays ranging from small flat screens to wall-high environments. It will be a garden of forking paths, a labyrinth of glowing and ever-changing forms. The sound, like the visuals, will be designed as a coherent tapestry, designed to evolve harmoniously as the visitor makes his or her own path through the animation-filled spaces.

The animations at the heart of The Forms: Four Worlds are created from thousands of high-resolution images of artifacts, art objects and architectural details, photographed in museums, churches, temples and archaeological sites. These photographs are precisely aligned and animated through techniques ranging from slow, meditative morphing to rapid, almost hallucinatory cascades of coherent images. The dynamic, evolving images allow children of the digital age a portal into static art of the ancient past and provide insights even for those deeply familiar with the objects.

Interactive displays will encourage visitors to discover patterns and links between cultures and explore questions such as: What are these objects? Who made them? Where do they come from? How were they found? Where are they now?

The Board of Advisors includes scholars, curators and museum directors:

Naman Ahuja – Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Adolph H. Borbein – Professor Emeritus, Freie Universitaet Berlin
Kerry Brougher – Founding Director, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Gudrun Bühl – Former Director, Dumbarton Oaks Museum
Michael D. Coe – Charles J. McCurdy Professor Emeritus, Yale University
Linda Duke – Director, Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art
Viola König – Director, Ethnology Museum of Berlin
Roberto Ontañón-Peredo – Director, Prehistory and Archaeology Museum of Santander
Colin Renfrew – Senior Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Univ. of Cambridge
Alexa Sekyra – Head, Scholars Program, Getty Research Institute
Karl Taube – Professor, University of California, Riverside
Margarete van Ess – Scientific Director, Orient Department, German Archaeological Institute

We have so far photographed more than 20,000 artworks at over 150 locations in Greece, France, India, Canada, Berlin, Budapest, Tehran, Mexico City, Guatemala City and at museums in the U.S. Additional photography is planned at approximately 150 locations in 30 countries. Post-production work is ongoing and has been completed on a dozen animation pieces.

The animation 214 Figurines from Tlatilco and San Pablo, Central Mexico (1200-900 BCE) is on view through Dec. 31, 2018 as part of the exhibition Uncovering Ancient Mexico: The Mystery of Tlatilco at the Riverside (California) Art Museum.

We are planning a small prototype version of The Forms: Four Worlds for a 2020 museum exhibition and we are seeking additional venues as well as collaboration and support from foundations, individuals and equipment vendors. Please contact Producer Rosey Guthrie or Director David Lebrun.