Director and Producer DAVID LEBRUN was born in Los Angeles in 1944. He attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon and the UCLA Film School. He came to film from a background in philosophy and anthropology, and most of his films have been attempts to get inside the way of seeing and thinking of specific cultures.

He has served as producer, director, writer or editor of more than sixty films, among them films on the Mazatec Indians of Oaxaca, the Hopi and Navajo of the American Southwest, Mexican folk artists, a 1960s traveling commune, Tibetan mythology and a year in the life of a Maya village in Yucatán. He served as editor on the Academy-award winning feature documentary Broken Rainbow.

Three of Lebrun’s films are explored in detail on this web site:  TANKA (1976), PROTEUS (2004) and BREAKING THE MAYA CODE (2008).

Night Fire Films Partner and Producer ROSEY GUTHRIE has had a diverse twenty year background in film production and distribution. As VP of First Light Video Publishing from 1988 to 1996, she created and implemented marketing and distribution plans for a catalog of over two hundred educational films on the media arts. From 1997 to 2003 she was VP and General Manager of Panavision Remote Systems, a film equipment rental house.

Ms. Guthrie has served as Associate Producer on over fifteen educational and instructional films, as Producer on Breaking the Maya Code for Night Fire Films and as Director of Development for the PBS series Craft in America.